Tree Editor 

An editor of heirarchical trees

The tree editor in action


This tree editor allows users to create and manipulate heirarchical trees using an ordinary web browser.

The tree is rendered using the tree viewer component while it is being edited - providing a degree of "WYSIWYG" editing.


Individual nodes can be created, manipulated, moved and deleted - and there are also a range of operations which act on multiple nodes at once.

These are mostly controlled using the checkboxes at the side of each item - and the buttons at the bottom.

The available controls look like this:

The tree editor's control buttons

Details of what each of these buttons does to the selected nodes is covered in the help text - which is available here.

There's also a tree manager - which allows multiple trees to be created and managed.


A demonstration of the tree editor is available online here.

This demonstration is fully functional. However the demonstration trees that are created are liable to being periodically reset - so you are advised not to use them to store anything important.

Source code

A zip file containing all the relevant files is available here.


This program and its source code have been placed into the public domain by its author.

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