Tree Editor 

Tree Viewer - To Do List

  • Write a program to display a tree from an XML configuration document.
  • Write a program to display an XML file using the tree component.
  • There are some cosmetic glitches with misplaced pixels when navigating the tree - these need fixing.
  • Supply more than one set of graphics with the tree - for clients wanting to use different look and feels.
  • Allows tree graphics to be of variable size.
  • Experiment with the other available options for tree persitance.
  • Tree persistance can be made slicker in IE - at the expense of not working at all in Mozilla. Consider offering this as an option.
  • There's scope for some code quality improvements.
  • Some applications require only one tree node open at a time - this could be explicitly supported.
  • Provide a more comprehensive interface for programatically accessing or modifying the tree at runtime from JavaScript.
  • Currently the tree uses JavaScript and DHTML extensively. While the tree usually behaves well on old browsers, it might be appropriate to offer a range of less sophisticated non-interactive tree renderers for those with primitive browsers.

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